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Our Process

We focus on what’s important – we believe that our time and effort should be spent on items at the juncture of things that matter and things we can control.  We prioritize risk management, tax efficiency, budgeting, cash flow management, and maximizing the probabilities of successful outcomes.  All of these items are extremely important and within our control.


Knowledgeable clients are less prone to let emotion drive decisions and are more likely to make rational choices in uncertain times.  It is uncertainty that creates anxiety and anxiety leads to poor choices.  We attempt to alleviate that anxiety by keeping clients educated about why we’re doing what we do and how it relates to their plan


A goal without a plan is just hope.  Preparation not only requires that we think critically about our goals but allows us to simulate multiple scenarios moving forward so that we’re not surprised by what would otherwise be a shock.  We’ve found that most often people don’t “rise to an occasion” but rather “fall to their level of preparation” and we’d like everyone to remain firmly on their feet.


After clients are educated and prepared this step comes naturally.  Our clients are more confident and feel more in control of their future due to their newfound knowledge and preparedness.  This is arguably the most important item we deliver to our clients.  A true sense of ownership over their situation and the ability to sleep at night knowing that they’re taking the steps necessary to manage and maintain their wealth.

Financial Planning

We believe that “set it and forget it” plans simply aren’t appropriate for managing our client’s wealth.  Consistent review and stress testing are required to ensure people are on track to meet their goals.  Similar to health, early detection and resolution of an issue is far more valuable then ignoring it.  Whether you have a specific goal or general uncertainty about your finances, we are committed to helping you plan, and feel confident about, your financial future.

Retirement Planning

A little known fact is that more people perish coming down Mount Everest than while climbing up.  The clients we normally work with have already traversed the mountain of accumulating their wealth and now face the challenges of converting their assets into an income stream through retirement, i.e. their descent down the retirement mountain.  This takes a different approach and different skills.  A sharp focus on risk management, longevity/income planning, and tax efficiency is required while generating higher returns at any cost becomes less of a priority.

College Planning

The cost of a traditional college education is more expensive than ever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take on large amounts of debt to put your child through school.  Our financial advisors are well-versed in the strategies you can execute to put your child or children through school without putting your financial security at risk and will guide you through the process each step of the way.

Investment Management

After we’ve created a plan we need a vehicle to get you to the end goal.  That’s where an investment portfolio comes into play.  Our portfolios are designed to maximize our client’s probability of success, no matter what that means to them.  Whether you’re a retiree that needs to draw income from their portfolio over time, a parent saving up for a child’s future tuition, or planning on purchasing a second home in 5 years, we have a solution for that.    While each client’s specific needs and goals will be different there are several key attributes that are common to all of our portfolios:

  • Systematic – Each strategy uses a repeatable process to reduce or eliminate emotion when making investment decisions
  • Transparent – All of your holdings are visible to you every minute of every day so you know exactly what you own and why you own it
  • Evidence Based – Each strategy is grounded in academic research and not storytelling
  • Low Cost – Our portfolios are executed with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which provide cost effective, liquid, and tax efficient exposure to the asset classes that make up our client’s portfolios

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